Board Minutes: June 24th, 2023

The in-person meeting was called to order on the morning of 6.24.23 with board members Andy Neuman, Josh Seamon-Ingalls, Dolci Mascolo, Pam Matsuda-Dunn, Rob Sullivan, Danielle Rao, Aubrey Menard, and Sara McFadden present. The Operating Executive, Stephanie Giguere, was present as well along with WMCC members Wayne Burleson, Al Rubin, Ryan Schumeyko, Jenn Flemming, Jon Lavalley, Tim Murdock, and Jessica Schiffman.

The board discussed a recap of last year’s summer board retreat as well as a Year in Review summary prepared by Stephanie. The board also covered information about the Land Conservation Award from the Access Fund as well as the AF conference coming up in Arkansas in November.

The board heard FirstLight updates from Pam and Andy as well as a Hanging Mountain Committee update from Dolci and Ryan about the retaining walls at Cloud Buttress and development work at the Beech which could be open in August.

Rob and Stephanie presented updates covering the Rock Property. Pam updated the board on the JDEI committee and its work partnering with affinity groups for climbing events at Hanging Mountain. 

Ryan presented on Farley maps he’s created that show property boundaries and label private property. He also took comments and questions covering future updates he can make on the maps.

Stephanie presented a membership update, focusing on our upcoming October membership drive and our goal to get to 350 members. The board discussed different ways to recruit more members and also raise the membership price for the first time in many years from $20 to $30.

The board heard an update from Stephanie on our 2023 budget as well as fundraising plans. Different fundraising ideas were discussed including direct asks, amplifying our online fundraising push, gathering matching funds, and running a Farley 5K.

Stephanie presented her work to create a color coding system for our crags to help clearly communicate levels of access. The board discussed the status of many crags as well as the importance of the trail stewardship program and the need for day leaders.

The board discussed board composition and election updates. The board decided to share secretarial notetaking duties among all board members as well as to have more discussion and info sharing between and in the leadup to meetings. The board discussed holding an in person meeting in January as well as setting a tentative date for the next summer board retreat for June 29th and 30th, 2024.

The meeting was adjourned in the evening of 6.24.23.