Text: "*Urgent Access Update at Farley Ledges* NO NIGHT CLIMBING" appears on top of a photo of the view from the main cliff at Farley looking out at the Millers River and orange foliage.

Access Update for Farley Ledge

To respect the wishes of the landowners and preserve long term access to Farley, the WMCC is requesting that NO ONE CLIMB AT FARLEY AFTER DUSK. Climbers should leave Farley by dusk and should not climb with headlamps or lights of any kind.

The majority of Farley Ledges is located on PRIVATE PROPERTY. Recent discussions with several landowners have brought to our attention issues with lights and noise after dark. Climbers need to respect the landowners’ right to peace and quiet. It is a privilege that we are allowed to recreate on THIER land.

Please remember:

  • Keep noise levels down *no music* – While this is always important when climbing outside, it is especially important at the Speed of Life Boulder and other boulders along the lower Red Trail at Farley. Sound travels even if you cannot see a house.
  • Keep dogs leashed – Neighbors have complained about dogs entering their yards, disturbing their dogs and chickens. Keep your dogs on a leash and out of their yards.
  • Tell your friends so that we can maintain good relationships with the land owners and access to this incredible resource!