AMC Speaker Series with Majka Burhardt

Majka Burhardt ice climbing in colorful blue pants, orange jacket and purple helmet.Join your cold-weather climbing friends in the AMC Boston Chapter Mountaineering Community and beyond for tall tales of thin ice and thriving futures with Majka Burhardt.

Majka will share stories of shoring up the world’s water towers in the face of climate change, leveraging a team of world-class rock climbers for cliff-side access scientific research, playing in the frozen vertical, and life as a working and climbing mom of 5 year old twins.

Majka’s Bio: Majka is a professional climber, author, filmmaker and the founder and director of Legado, a non-profit that works to secure what they call “Thriving Futures” in some of the world’s most important areas for conserving biodiversity and safeguarding our climate.

This is a virtual event. Participants can email to register.  Connection information will be sent to registrants the week of the event. All attendees are entered to win a New England Ice Climbing guidebook. You must register for the event to be eligible. A winner will be announced at the end of the event.