AMC Speaker Series with Majka Burhardt

Majka Burhardt ice climbing in colorful blue pants, orange jacket and purple helmet.Join your cold-weather climbing friends in the AMC Boston Chapter Mountaineering Community and beyond for tall tales of thin ice and thriving futures with Majka Burhardt.

Majka will share stories of shoring up the world’s water towers in the face of climate change, leveraging a team of world-class rock climbers for cliff-side access scientific research, playing in the frozen vertical, and life as a working and climbing mom of 5 year old twins.

Majka’s Bio: Majka is a professional climber, author, filmmaker and the founder and director of Legado, a non-profit that works to secure what they call “Thriving Futures” in some of the world’s most important areas for conserving biodiversity and safeguarding our climate.

This is a virtual event. Participants can email to register.  Connection information will be sent to registrants the week of the event. All attendees are entered to win a New England Ice Climbing guidebook. You must register for the event to be eligible. A winner will be announced at the end of the event.

Community Ascension Project – Community Presentation

The Community Ascension Project conducted a series of workshops on collaborative climbing route development and crag stewardship practices held over 6 weekends in southern New Hampshire.  You are invited to join a presentation by the organizers of the event: Kumi Wauthier, Dolci Mascolo and Bill Fogel.  Learn about the program and engage in discussions on next steps.

The project has the following objectives:

  • Introduce and expose self-identifying marginalized community members to crag development and stewardship
  • Inform community members about the process of developing and stewarding a crag
  • Build a diverse community committed to inclusive route development and stewardship practices
  • Promote inclusive community based crag development practices


Please register for this event at the link below:

WMCC JDEI Committee Winter Speaker Series: Climb United initiative of the American Alpine Club

Two hands clasped; one with a crack climbing glove made of tape. "Climb United" below the image.

WMCC JDEI Committee Winter Speaker Series with Cody Kaemmerlen and Shara Zaia from the Climb United Initiative of the American Alpine Club. 

Join us for a conversation with Cody and Shara about how Climb United is increasing access to the outdoors and how oppressive or discriminatory route names can get in the way of this. Let’s learn together how their body of work is impacting the national discussion and how it can inform our own processes towards route naming locally at Hanging Mountain and beyond.

Zoom link:


Speaker bios:

Cody Kaemmerlen

Cody lives in Salt Lake City where he serves on the Board of Directors for the Salt Lake climbers alliance and sits on the Jedi and communications committees. He is the director of Climb United Initiative and the host of the Wilder Mind podcast.

Shara Zaia

Shara is an Assyrian-American climber, educator, and community organizer based in Denver, CO. She is the founder of Cruxing In Color: a meetup platform aiming to connect, inspire, and educate self-identified POC within the context of climbing by offering free mentorship and access to gear.

Melissa Utomo – JDEI Online Speaker Series

Please join the AMC’s Western Massachusetts Chapter and the WMCC in an online Speaker Series. Co-sponsored by the Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committees and Western MA Mountaineering.

Please register to receive the zoom link.

Our Speaker is Melissa Utomo is a “web developer powered by JavaScript & rock climbs.” Along with others, Melissa is engaged in addressing offensive route names in climbing. In 2019 she proposed a tech solution to address offensive content on the Mountain Project app. Melissa delved deeper into the topic by asking what obstacles lead to these exclusionary practices. This fall, she founded Project Beta to find a solution: “Build a guidebook app that liberates information and invests in our community rather than marginalizes it.” Melissa will speak to her experiences addressing racism in the outdoors and everyday life. Afterwards there will be a Q/A and discussion.

To find out more about Melissa:Shot from above of Melissa Utomo climbing.
-Why do so many climbing routes have racist and sexist names?
-Melissa Utomo and Project Beta Are Tackling Hate Speech in Climbing
-Mario Stanley – EP – 11 Melissa Utomo
-Instagram – @mighty_mutomo