Sign up to be a volunteer

two climbers practice hammering bolts in test rock

Volunteers are the backbone of the WMCC. Our board, committee members, and other volunteers put in thousands of hours a year to make sure that you can climb at our crags.

If you’re interested in volunteering at a trail day, running an event, or providing a specialized skill, send us an email or fill out our volunteer form. We will connect interested volunteers with WMCC members and/or opportunities so you can join in on the fun. We may also reach out to let you know of opportunities with other local climbing organizations.

Additionally, if you have any ideas for an event that you would like to lead for WMCC, please contact us!

Click here to join our volunteer list.

Fill out a Volunteer Waiver. Save some time and fill out your waiver in advance!

Other ways to help WMCC

Consider some of the following:

  • Donate/Become a Member – A donation of any amount has a big impact for our small organization. WMCC relies on donations and grants to be able to accomplish the work we do. Some examples of how your donations have an impact is in maintaining the Farley and Hanging Mountain parking lots, paying for the Porta Potties & wag bags, funding trail maintenance, and paying our Operating Executive. Donate today or become a member
  • Parking – When you climb at a WMCC crag please make sure you are following all parking directions found on each crag’s page. When coming as a group, please carpool whenever possible to reduce the number of cars at each parking lot. The rules ensure that we are respecting the community around our crags. Not following parking guidelines has the potential to cause access issues. You can also make the suggested $5.00 donation at the Hanging Mountain and Farley parking lots.
  • Stewardship – You don’t need to wait for a formal volunteer day to help maintain our crags. If you see trash, pick it up and pack it out. If there are branches over the trail, move them to the side of the trail. Report major concerns through our reporting form.
  • Educate – Talk to your friends about best practices and about the WMCC. Make sure your climbing partners all know who we are and what we do. Maybe even encourage them to become a member or come to trail day! You can also share our posts on social media to help us spread our message.