Our Mission

The Western Massachusetts Climbers’ Coalition (WMCC) is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit volunteer climbers’ organization that works to build inclusive relationships with diverse advocacy groups, state and local governments, landowners, and conservation groups to keep climbing areas open and accessible to climbers from all backgrounds, and to conserve the climbing environment in Western Massachusetts.

Our Purpose

The WMCC builds grassroots support for climbers’ concerns and promotes the protection of the natural resources of Western Massachusetts for outdoor recreation through environmental stewardship and education.

The WMCC recognizes that the various types of climbing (i.e. traditional, sport, and bouldering) are all valid. The WMCC does not seek to promote one type of climbing over another. Rather, it strives to preserve the unique character of climbing that has developed within each of the climbing areas in Western Massachusetts.

Executive Summary

The remarkable and varied climbing resources located throughout Western Massachusetts have attracted climbers since the early 1950’s. These resources represent some of the finest climbing opportunities in Massachusetts and New England; however, increased recreational use often precipitated cycles of restricted access or even closure of private or public property.  The 1990’s saw a rapid increase in the popularity of recreational climbing, additional pressures on landowners as well  as the environment, and closures of climbing areas. The WMCC formed in the Spring of 2000 to develop solid, working relationships and understanding among climbers, landowners, state and local agencies, and other associated groups to resolve immediate conflicts and help to preserve future climbing resources. Protected open space – such as state forests and trail networks like the New England Trail (M-M Trail) – abut a number of these climbing areas and present new opportunities for hikers, bird watchers, bikers, skiers, students and other outdoor enthusiasts. The WMCC’s goal is to ensure responsible climbing access to invaluable climbing areas, to protect these sensitive environments, and to increase climber awareness of his or her impact on this community.