Hanging Mountain Update, March 19th, 2021

Most of the 14-acre property at Hanging Mountain has been designated as Priority Habitat by MassWildlife’s Natural Heritage & Endangered Species Program (NHESP). As a result, Hanging Mountain and any work performed there is heavily regulated to ensure that the WMCC is in compliance with the Massachusetts Endangered Species Act and Wetlands Protection Act.

The WMCC recently submitted and received approval of a Land Management Plan, the first step in the important process to develop Hanging Mountain in compliance with state regulations. Currently the WMCC is working with NHESP to file a Massachusetts Endangered Species Act (MESA) Review. Once successful, the WMCC will be able to apply for a permit to complete trails and infrastructure on the designated section of Hanging Mountain. Upon approval of a permit, the state will allow a portion of the property to be opened to the public for recreational use. We cannot give a specific date for opening at this time since the timeline is dependent on the state regulatory and approval process. However, we are working with advisors to meet the state requirements and deadlines.

For more information about the MESA review, visit the Hanging Mountain Crag page and listen to the Off Belay Podcast, which features the board member and HM committee member, Dolci Mascolo. In the latter half of the podcast, she discusses what the MESA review is and what it means for Hanging Mountain.

Thank you all for your support throughout this process!


Published 3/19/2021.