dark forest gives way to grey cliff walls

Rattlesnake Gutter

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Access Status: RED

The Main Cliff, a 70 foot overhanging wall, is located on private property and is currently closed. This cliff contains some of the first 5.11+ and 5.12 trad routes that were established in New England, and is second only to Farley in importance. The Gutter itself, a deep boulder-strewn ravine located north of the gated road, contains an interesting boulderfield and  broken cliffbands where climbing is neither prohibited nor actively managed.


Limited parking is available on the western end of Rattlesnake Gutter Road, with the closest boulders only a minute or two away.  Additional parking is located at the eastern end of the road.  Please do not block the gates.


Click here for a link to the interactive map above of all the Western Mass crags discussed on this site.


The central portion of Rattlesnake Gutter Road is closed to vehicles, and is easily walked from either end.

Access Status: Red

The Main Cliff is on private property and is closed to all public recreation. If you find yourself on the north side of the road and not within the yellow gates, you are likely trespassing. Respecting the wishes of private property owners is not only your legal obligation, but it is also an essential part of working access out for the future.

Current Issues

The owner of the Main Cliff has specifically prohibited public access-not just climbing.  The Town of Leverett owns the majority of the cliff and boulders within the closed section of road, and is dedicated to preserving the area. Please park courteously, carry-out your trash, keep noise to a minimum (no portable radios please) and practice low-impact climbing and bouldering (no bolts and please scrub off your chalk and tick marks).