Notes from the 2016 3rd-Quarterly Meeting of the Board

Meeting Notes

Western Massachusetts Climber’s Coalition 3rd Quarterly Meeting

August 17th, 2016, 7:00pm

Central Rock Gym, Hadley, MA

Board Logistics


Posting minutes

  • Minutes will be posted via Facebook, Website and email


President Succession

  • Josh Surette succeeded Peter Clark as President of the WMCC. Jeff Squire will propose a succession plan for president and board


Signage and Parking

  • Kiosk will be made for the Sun-bowl, Great Barrington, and at various locations in Wendell State Forest (Road-side, the Sanctuary)




Access Fund Joint Membership

  • WMCC will pursue additional membership options independent of Joint Membership with the Access Fund, including: direct emailing one time donors, local events with joint membership transparency.


Central Rock Gym donations

  • Will pursue a $1 optional donation with new CRG members; and will email all CRG members to give donation option


Celebrating WMCC Success

  • Agreed to better promote WMCC success, including its Volunteer Stewardship Agreement (VSA) and Climbing Management Plan (CMP) with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (MA DCR).  MA DCR owns and manages public property such as Wendell State Forest (Mormon Hollow, Road-side, the Sanctuary/Bear Mt.). This is the first formal partnership between the state of Massachusetts and a local climbing organization.
  • In Great Barrington.  the WMCC actively partnered with the town, landowners, and local climbers to protect the aesthetic and environment at the boulders, with many trees exempted from felling during logging operations at the organizations request.


Land Protection/Land Owner Relations


Department of Conservation and Recreation MOU

  • Department of Conservation has signed a Volunteer Stewardship Agreement (VSA) with the WMCC at Wendell State Forest (WSF). WMCC will draft a climbing Management Plan (CMP) for Mormon Hollow (and eventually all of WSF), including a history, stewardship and rough outline of climbing resources for DCR and public access. WMCC will finalize hardware in Wendell SF and Wayne B. will pursue climbing agreement with private landowners


Montague App

  • Jose presented about guide smart phone app/guide project for climbing in the town of Montague. The WMCC is not directly affiliated with this project, but will explore a similar project for creating an online Rose Ledge guidebook


Great Barrington

  • At present, Mountain Project info should be limited basic access information



  • Tony discussed potential land acquisitions for parking access


Rattlesnake Gutter

  • WMCC will pursue a stewardship agreement with town of Leverett for climbing located on public land


Marketing and Events

The Western Mass Rendezvous is back for its 8th Annual celebration of recreation and stewardship in our local climbing resources. The 2-day event kicks off on Saturday, September 24 with a USA Climbing Youth Bouldering Competition, and will include a screening of Reel Rock 11, a BBQ and Beer/Wine garden, a trail project and climbing tours at Farley Ledges. Register soon to ensure your spot in the competition, at the film, and on one of the tours.


Learn more and Register at The full schedule of events is also listed below.


Saturday, September 24

8AM-6PM: USA Climbing Competition ($50 online by Sept. 19)

7PM: Beer Garden and BBQ

8PM: Reel Rock Film Tour ($15 online by Sept. 23rd)



Sunday, September 25

8AM-9AM: Breakfast (Free-Farley Main Lot)

9AM-12PM: Trail Project

1PM-5PM: Climbing Tours (Free rope and bouldering tours)