Access win at Farley Ledges!

After almost 10 years of negotiations, the WMCC has reached an agreement with FirstLight Power (FirstLight) to recognize climbing as a recreational activity at Farley Ledges and Rose Ledge. This is a huge gain for everyone who climbs at these crags, because climbing on FirstLight property will be protected for the foreseeable future.


Previously, rock climbing was informally allowed by FirstLight. This Recreation Settlement Agreement permanently secures the right to climb in these areas. We want to express our gratitude to Mike Morin, the @AccessFund , and to our fellow stakeholders, especially the Appalachian Mountain Club and American Whitewater, for their advice and support in these negotiations. We also want to thank WMCC board member, Pamela Matsuda-Dunn, for spearheading this on behalf of the board and attending hundreds of hours of meetings.


Rock climbing at Farley Ledges is located on a combination of land owned by FirstLight and private landowners. This agreement covers Rose Ledge, Wall of Early Morning Light, Second Tier, part of Zen Garden, Crag X, and Crag Z. In addition to provisions in the Agreement, should Farley Ledges be placed into a conservation restriction or transferred to a third party, access to climbing and other recreational activities will continue to be permitted.

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