Farley Parking Lot Project and Fundraiser

The Farley parking lot is getting a facelift!! The upgrades are projected to cost $12,000 – $15,000. We are thankful for a $9,000 grant from the Ashley Arthur Williams Foundation, which will cover more than half of the cost of this project.  But we need YOUR help now more than ever to make up the difference.

Our goal is to raise $2,000 in donations by July 30th. Donate HERE.

The scope of the project:

  • regrade and repack surface of the lot
  • widen the lot, making space for an emergency vehicle to pull up to the top
  • flat accessible parking space next to trail
  • larger place for ADA accessible toilet
  • add guard rail
  • add parking spaces (number of actual spaces will only be determined after the excavator begins work)

The main lot will be closed when work is being done. Please check our Instagram account for the latest updates and plan accordingly for parking. Visit our website for more information on other options for parking.